bolt is easy to install
bolt helps you to save up on your energy bills
fits any type of house
patented heat exchanger coolrun technology
the world's first battery-ready e-boiler powered by AI
works with wi-fi thermostat
connect BOLT directly to your solar panels
bolt works with grid, solar panels and battery

The First Electric Combi Boiler Designed to Run Every Type of Home!

Join us for the green revolution

Step into the future. Bolt is the first electric boiler integrating batteries. Experience the synergy of grid, solar, and battery energy for true sustainability and savings.

UK & EU to ditch gas boilers for new builds by 2025!

Bolt offers a hassle-free replacement for any previous gas boiler in your home, allowing for fast installation with the assistance of a specialist.

Beat the heat pump game

Bolt is compact in size, with no need for bulky hot water cylinders or costly reforms and is powered by both solar and grid energy.

Better Showers, No Compromises

No more tepid, weak, and disappointing showers when switching from gas to electricity. Bolt is the first dual-powered electric boiler that can deliver a strong water flow thanks to the combination of battery energy supply and our patented CoolRun™ technology heat exchanger.

The CoolRun™ flash-heats the water and is 100% efficient with virtually zero heat loss and the battery boosts the boiler for a powerful flow.

Simplify Your Comfort,
Smartfy Your Heating

Seamlessly control and optimize your heating needs via BOLT smart app, putting total comfort at your fingertips. It's smart for real, it's proactive: it learns your home temperature via WIFI thermostat, and lets you know how much water and energy were used. You can also receive maintenance assistance with a tap*, ensuring peak performance and peace of mind with ease.

*Available exclusively in the UK at launch.

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bolt boiler color variations

Dual-energy fed combi e-boiler with battery for unmatched cost efficiency